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Couch – old fabric thrown away, cushions were in good shape, so I recovered with a grey Chenille. Once I removed the fabric I had 3 separate cushions to work with and a metal frame in the back. I recovered the top and added a metal curtain rod behind the box valance, made soft beige curtains. I don’t understand the science behind it, but these paints are advertised as paints with the best qualities of oil-based and latex combined into one paint. Islands are the perfect space to add some color to a kitchen, or go neutral in a darker room. Added little counter extension! Happy about that and still plenty of room to walk past into the bath or bedroom. I still like cooking when we camp. I think if you just recovered the tops of the stools in a color like your gorgeous throw rug you may not even have to paint the legs, it will give it the pop it needs. So, the next time you listen with envy to a friend talk about home improvement, look around and think of all the small ways you can make big changes to your environment.

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I think it had been closed and had some moisture issues. My family will find that one funny because at our first house, Chris found out we were redoing the guest bathroom by hearing a series of bangs and then seeing me walk by, while he was on the couch, with the vanity sink top on my way to the garbage. Capt. Mike changed these out and also added a Fury showerhead. Capt. Mike boxed in the unfinished inside to make it look “nice” and I added shelving as needed. Capt. Mike replaced with updated tank reading and thermostat stuff. I used another portion of the shoe hanger in the bathroom for “stuff”. There is always “stuff” so it’s good to have a place to put it. There are others of course, but when you’re advertising, the more of these 4 your house has, the better. These prefixes or suffixes convey some information regarding the quality of finish and composition of the paints that are indicators for selection. I know that some colors are only available in certain bases, so maybe the colors I used weren’t available in the matte finish.

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Sure. Many thanks to Todd Clippenger for opening my eyes to this wonderful method that allows me to turn around projects very quickly and it gives them a hard as nails finish. I feel like I spent most of February working on endlessly painting and other not-so-fun projects which of course didn’t really make for many blog posts and then we were gone for the first part of March. I also like to use those expandable bars to keep things from crashing around while driving. You can’t cut directly on the surface like you can with granite so be sure to use cutting boards. All you need in order to declutter your bathroom are some sturdy plastic trash bags and some cleaning wipes paper towels or whatever other cleaning products you like. I like to have counter space.. I have little “baskets” and shelves here and there in cabinets to help keep things in place. Sometimes this sits flush with the rest of the inside cabinet, if so, a line of tape will help keep your line straight. Ask your local paint store for help with color. I know I personally see it in the hardware store every time I have to buy paint and I always look at it, ponder over if I want to try it, and ultimately decide on regular paint.

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Take time (about 4 hours) between coats and when you are completed let the cabinets remain untouched for at least 24 to 48 hours (leave the cabinet doors open during this time). However, in hot humid Florida, the best time for painting is about January time frame. The absolute best clear topcoat I’ve ever used is General Finishes High Performance Topcoat (purchased here on Amazon), which is what I used on my teal cabinets in my current kitchen. They can add durability to surfaces coated with latex paint as long as you use a quality topcoat. Whether or not clear topcoats are needed or even beneficial depends upon what the actual goal of using a topcoat is. Are you going to paint your bathroom cabinets? Choose a paint that suits the rest of the decor in the bathroom. I call this “Makeover Phase 1” because I plan to paint all the cabinetry white and paint all the walls eventually.

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In a separate post I will go over step by step how I prepped and painted both the walls and the cabinets. I’ll post more on the “how” we did some things later down the road. Clean away all wax, oil or polishes that may be on the surface of the lacquer by wiping it down with naphtha. It will swing around and tilt down to face the couch. We don’t watch TV much, just movies every now and again, so we opted to get rid of that TV, move the larger one they had in the bedroom and put it on a swing arm tucked away in the bunk area. The swing arm tucks the TV out of the way until we want to watch a movie. So, I put in the old elbow grease, scrubbed them clean and straightened out the “bent” slats. Next winter I’ll break out the paint once again.. When Linda saw how the paint and stain looked on that torn part of the paper, she said “this is what I want”. So long honey stain cabinets, hello freshly painted white ones with tall crown molding! REALLY dirty. I was going to toss them, but finding vinyl ones that size was nearly impossible.

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