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If the pipes burst because the tenant didn’t pay the heating bill and utilities got shut off in winter, and the pipes froze, then the tenant would be liable for the cost of repairs. Sinks do not clog unless something was put down the drain that would clog it, such as grease, large food particles, hair, cloth, paper, etc. Why should the landlord foot the bill for something a tenant caused with their actions, whether accidental or willful negligence? Best way to avoid this, don’t clog the drain. If my drains don’t work because of a problem in the pipes itself..then it is my responsibility..but..failing to keep a filter on the washing machine discharge and causing a clog is not my problem. This is best used on drains in kitchen sinks or bathroom sinks and only if the drain is partially blocked. The upward facing barbs will easily take out any hairs and similar types of items from the drain that might have been causing the clog.

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Wait for 30 seconds and then pour in few more cups of hot water and hopefully the clog will be removed. If the plumber finds that it’s caused by user, i.e. your, actions, then take responsibility for the cost of the repair and be more careful in the future. The drain will be totally stopped, and you will be out looking for a more effective tool. Extreme pressure can damage the drain line connection, resulting in leaks or a ruined trap. Don’t reach for harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes. Is he going to find you alternative housing when the landlord decides he can not afford to rent to you anymore? The landlord is not responsible to follow behind you and clean up the problems you create. If the blockage is caused due to oily and greasy substances, dishwasher can be effective to dilute and clean it. Take 1/3rd cup of dishwasher liquid in a pan and add 2 cups of water to it.

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Take this fizzy concoction and pour it over the sink and leave it for an hour or two. Drain all the water from the sink with a mug and bucket. Arrange for a plumber to come out and unclog the drain or at least investigate what is causing the issue. Now you want to spend money on a lawyer instead of a plumber. Are both the lease and the lawyer right? My lease too, says that costs of repairs that are not standard wear and tear are the responsibility of the tenant. After careful review I required the tenant to pay 50% of the bill. However, my landlord refuses to pay the entire costs and wants me to shoulder the burden of repairing the sink. However, if it’s a sink that is clogged, most likely you, as the tenant, can be responsible to pay to have it unclogged. Then split the bill in half, and regain the use of the sink. You can use pliers or other tools for the process.

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Long pointed needle-nose pliers are the other obvious tool for the job. Blocked drains are a nuisance; and calling someone to resolve this problem is an additional headache. The lease states that keeping the drains open and flowing freely is the responsibility of the tenant. I demonstrate all the drains are open and flowing freely. But if water is flowing from the air gap, there is probably a clog. If They determine YOU caused the clog then the landlord will give you the bill. Further, at the time of move out the drains will all be checked..and clogged drain at that time will be opened at tenants’ expense. I’ve heard that it’s best to avoid using drain cleaner to unclog my drains. You can buy drain cleaner at a wide range of stores, including home improvement, hardware, grocery and convenience stores, to name a few. Following are a few of such remedies. After the baking soda, pour in 5-6 spoons of table salt into the drain mouth and let it sit for few hours or overnight.

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